State v. Fortin

The defendant was convicted of homicide and sexual assault charges in 2000, was awarded a new trial, and in 2007 again convicted of the charges. In 2018, with the Innocence Project as his counsel, he moved for a new trial, arguing that changes in bitemark identification reliability and scientific validity had changed sufficiently to undermine … Read more

In re G.E.W.

Facebook provided a tip to law enforcement that two parties to a Facebook Live stream were engaging in sexual acts with a minor. After reviewing the transcript — but not the video stream — from Facebook, law enforcement came to Appellant’s home and obtained a confession. At Appellant’s dispositional hearing (she, too, was a minor), … Read more

USA v. Tyler

#Homicide #CriminalLaw #AppellateLaw04/14/20- Tyler was convicted by a federal jury of tampering with a witness by murder three times. The first two times, his convictions were overturned due to legal errors. After his third trial, the trial judge granted his Rule 29 motion and set aside the jury’s verdict because of a lack of effort. … Read more