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Acoli v. NJ State Parole Bd.

The New Jersey Supreme Court paroled a cop-killer who was sentenced to life plus twenty-four years. In 1974, a jury found Acoli guilty of a state trooper.s murder and the

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Commonwealth v. Hobel

After a jury convicted the defendant of three gunpoint robberies and a subsequent high-speed chase, he appealed to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and claimed that his motion to suppress was

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State v. Lavrik

The New Jersey Appellate Division began its opinion by succinctly stating the issue: “In this case of first impression, we consider whether a victim in a criminal matter has standing

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Commonwealth v. Juray

The Pennsylvania Superior Court likely issued this opinion as a reminder to practitioners about proper appellate practices. The Court footnoted multiple errors made by the defendant’s counsel in perfecting the

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Commonwealth v. Dabney

The Pennsylvania Superior Court rejected the defendant’s novel argument that medical marijuana is not a Schedule I controlled substance for purposes of the DUI statute. The Court relied, in part,

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Commonwealth v. Carl

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed an order from the Court of Common Pleas that granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss the charges based on the Commonwealth’s violation of Rule 600(c). The

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State. v. A.M.

The New Jersey Appellate Division reversed the lower court’s denial of a petition for compassionate release. A.M. suffers from end-stage multiple sclerosis, a progressive condition that renders her physically incapable

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State v. O.D.A.-C.

The New Jersey Supreme Court continued its love affair with Miranda and Fifth Amendment matters. Here, an interrogating detective administered Miranda warnings to a suspect but “repeatedly undermined them throughout

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Commonwealth v. Hipps

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the Court of Common Pleas order that granted the defendant’s second PCRA petition. The defendant tried to sidestep the PCRA’s time bar with a newly-discovered

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State v. Kille

The defendant appealed his convictions for first-degree aggravated manslaughter and weapons offenses. He argued that the trial court made numerous errors in its jury instructions, though the defendant only timely

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