State v. Hedgespeth

The Court of the Appellate Division affirmed Hedgespeth’s conviction for possession of a gun, holding that, though the trial court erred in admitting the defendant’s prior convictions, the error was harmless. The Court also ruled that an NJ State Police “no-permit” affidavit is non-testimonial hearsay, and its admission without the signer’s appearance did not violate … Read more

Commonwealth v. T.B.

In this child sex assault prosecution, the Commonwealth called as a witness a forensic interviewer who testified about her interview of the minor victim. Over defense objections, she opined as to the importance of sensory detail for children generally, though she was not offered as an expert. The Superior Court found admission of this evidence … Read more

Grewal v. Sanchez

The NJ Attorney General’s Office’s Civil Rights Division brought suit under the Law Against Discrimination against defendant, a landlord, for turning down one prospective tenant because she was a Muslim and for making a negative comment to an undercover agent from the AG’s Office regarding her gender when she tried to rent an apartment from … Read more