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Adams v. Mt. Lebanon Operations

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the order overruling Mt. Lebanon Operations’ preliminary objections requesting a transfer to binding arbitration of wrongful death and survival claims. Mt. Lebanon argued that an arbitration provision was valid

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Matullo v. SkyZone Trampoline Park

The New Jersey Appellate Division issued two SkyZone-arbitratoin cases in a single day. In this one, the Court addressed the enforceability of an arbitration provision in an agreement signed by

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Perez v. Sky Zone, LLC

The New Jersey Appellate Division issued two SkyZone-arbitration opinions in a single day. Here, the arbitration provision contained a severability clause and a clause that the arbitration would be heard

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Antonucci v. Curvature Newco, Inc.

In an issue of first impression, the New Jersey Appellate Division held that New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination’s (LAD) procedural prohibition, which precluded arbitration in the plaintiff’s case, is preempted

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