PDX North, Inc. v. Comm’r N.J. Dep’t of Lab. and Workforce Dev.

In PDX North, Inc. v. Comm’r N.J. Dep’t of Lab. and Workforce Dev., the 3rd Circuit was asked to determine whether federal courts should abstain from hearing a case pursuant to Younger v. Harris. New Jersey’s Department of Labor & Workforce Development started an investigation and action to recoup unemployment taxes from two last-mile shippers. … Read more

Zahl v. Eastland

In Zahl v. Eastland, Zahl sued Eastland, an attorney, alleging legal malpractice. On appeal, Eastland argued the court in New Jersey did not have personal jurisdiction over him. The Appellate Division held that Eastland had sufficient minimum contacts with New Jersey to permit the Law Division to exercise specific personal jurisdiction over him and his … Read more

Hammons v. Ethicon

The controversy in Hammons v. Ethicon is perfect for a law school civil procedure exam. The case presented a challenge to the exercise of specific personal jurisdiction in Pennsylvania over New Jersey corporate defendants in a case filed by an Indiana resident regarding injuries allegedly caused by a pelvic mesh medical device implanted in Indiana. While … Read more

State Farm Ins. Co. v. Kitko

State Farm Ins. Co. v. Kitko involved a dispute over a decedent’s insurance policy. The decedent’s ex-wife and brother both claimed they were the primary beneficiary. On appeal, the ex-wife challenged the trial court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of the brother. The Superior Court reversed, holding that the decedent did not effectuate a … Read more

Sampathkumar v. Chase Home Fin.

In Sampathkumar v. Chase Home Fin., the PA Superior Court issued a 49-page opinion, which quashed some of the appellants’ claims because post-trial motions were not filed. As to the merits of the other claims, the Court affirmed the trial court’s refusal to extend the discovery deadline because the appellants did not timely initiate and pursue … Read more

Rialto-Capitol Codominiumn Assoc. v. Baldwin Assets Assoc. Renewal Co.

In Rialto-Capitol Codominiumn Assoc. v. Baldwin Assets Assoc. Renewal Co., the NJ Appellate Division permitted a condo association’s claim to proceed to trial. The claim was based on allegations that the actions of the defendants, who installed windows into units of an apartment building, altered the plaintiff’s buildings’ exterior appearance in a way that violated … Read more

FTC v. Abbvie

FTC v. Abbvie involved litigation about a patent for a “blockbuster testosterone replacement therapy.” The 3rd Circuit held that the District Court erred by rejecting the FTC’s reverse-payment theory and in concluding that the defendants’ patent infringement litigation was a sham.

DLJ Mortg. Capital v. Sheridan

In DLJ Mortg. Capital v. Sheridan, the 3rd Circuit affirmed the District Court’s grant of judgment in favor of DLJ under Rule 52(c) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, concluding that DLJ satisfied all elements of its debt and foreclosure claim. The 3rd Circuit found that Sheridan was “fully heard” within the meaning of Rule … Read more

In re Allergan ERISA Litig.

In the case of In re Allergan ERISA Litig., the 3rd Circuit affirmed the District Court’s dismissal of the case and the denial of the plaintiffs’ request for leave to amend. Even when viewed in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs, the factual allegations failed to support a plausible inference that the defendant conspired with … Read more

Estate of Narleski v. Gomes

If you live in NJ and have kids, read Estate of Narleski v. Gomes. Here, the NJ Supreme Court held that an underage adult defendant may be held civilly liable to a third party drunk driving victim if 3 elements are met: 1. the defendant facilitated the use of alcohol by making their home available … Read more