Hocutt v. Manda Supply Co.

The Appellate Division affirmed an order granting summary judgment. Because the plaintiff was a “special employee,” the exclusive remedy for his workplace injury was workers’ compensation. Moreover, the defendant’s alleged conduct was not excepted from workers’ compensation because the conduct was not sufficiently egregious to rise to the level of intentional wrong.

Franks v. State Farm

The Superior Court reversed the trial court’s declaratory judgment and held that, because the Franks’ removal of a vehicle from their multi-vehicle insurance changed the stacked amount of underinsured motorist coverage, under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, State Farm was required to provide a new stacking waiver. 

Sun Chemical Corp. v. Fike Corp. & Suppression Systems Inc.

In Sun Chemical Corp. v. Fike Corp. & Suppression Systems Inc., the Supreme Court responded to a certified quzoomestion from the 3rd Circuit, and in so doing dealt a blow to tort-reform advocates. The Supreme Court held that the state’s Products Liabilities Act — which allows for only basic tort damages — does not preempt … Read more