Legal Ghostwriting

Superior legal writing wins cases. Sullivan|Simon ghostwrites for successful trial lawyers, producing winning appellate and trial briefs, motions, memos, and petitions. Whether you have an appellate brief due in a federal Circuit Court or a motion in a state trial court, we provide quality, timely, and persuasive documents.

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Legal Research

At Sullivan|Simon, we have decades of combined experience researching nuanced legal issues. We handle research projects for litigators that include thoroughly researching caselaw, statutes, regulations, treatises, and other secondary sources as well as delivering memorandums that detail everything they need to know about their legal issue. Our legal research services ensure that our clients are prepared to argue an issue based on the most persuasive cases.

The Process

Our goal is to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible. To get started, we request the following info about your case:

Once that is received, we provide an affordable, flat-fee quote within 24 hours. Then, we work with you to deliver ready-to-file legal documents on time and on budget.


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