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United States v. Dawson

The Third Circuit revisited the career offender enhancement under the Sentencing Guidelines and the recent decision in United States v. Nasir. The District Court agreed with the probation department that

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State v. S.J.C.

The New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed the denial of the defendant’s motion to dismiss the indictment. The State indicted the defendant four months after the East Orange Police Department (EOPD)

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Commonwealth v. Parrish

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the denial of PCRA relief in this capital case. On appeal to the Supreme Court, the defendant raised numerous claims of error, including a layered

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Commonwealth v. Holt

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the defendant’s death sentence. The defendant unsuccessfully argued eight issues: 1.) Sufficiency of the evidence; 2.) Weight of the evidence; 3.) The Commonwealth’s alleged failure

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Commonwealth v. Fantauzzi

The Pennsylvania Superior Court vacated the defendant’s sentence and ruled that the lower court lacked jurisdiction to resentence him. The case’s procedural history is tortured but can be summarized as

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State v. Zadroga

The New Jersey Appellate Division waded into a difficult double jeopardy issue after a trial court declared a mistrial. The State alleged that the defendant drove 80 mph while intoxicated

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State v. Zingis

The New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed the defendant’s conviction for DWI but vacated his sentence as a second-time offender. The Court “reviewed the record, including the body camera recording of

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United States v. Zayas

The Third Circuit found that the evidence was insufficient to sustain a conviction for distributing fentanyl within 1,000 feet of a playground. The defendant was prosecuted after a woman was

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Commonwealth v. Redmond

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s consecutive sentences. The defendant pleaded guilty to two DUI-related offenses on two dockets. The lower court imposed consecutive sentences, and the defendant appealed.

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Commonwealth v. Davis

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s jury conviction for DUI-high rate of alcohol 4th offense or subsequent. On appeal, the defendant alleged several issues with the jury. The Court

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