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Jordan v. Pa. State Univ.

A former PSU football player sued the school and its medical center following surgery to repair an injury suffered during a practice for a bowl game. The trial court sustained

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Turner v. Estate of Baird

Two neighbors fought over an abandoned roadway between their properties. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania vacated the lower court’s ruling and held it lacked subject matter jurisdiction because the township

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Burton v. Schamp

In these consolidated appeals from prisoners’ civil rights actions, a magistrate judge dismissed the plaintiffs’ complaints before the defendants consented to the magistrate’s jurisdiction. The Third Circuit vacated the dismissal

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Jones v. McGreevy

The Pennsylvania Superior Court dove deep into the creditor-debtor practice and post-trial civil procedure in this 41-page opus. The case started when a contract for the sale of two vintage

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IRS v. Blue Mountain Ministry, Inc.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court clarified the difference between a judgment and a lien — and sidestepped ruling on the defendants’ claim that the IRS is a for-profit Delaware corporation, which

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