Commonwealth v. T.B.

In this child sex assault prosecution, the Commonwealth called as a witness a forensic interviewer who testified about her interview of the minor victim. Over defense objections, she opined as to the importance of sensory detail for children generally, though she was not offered as an expert. The Superior Court found admission of this evidence … Read more

Rolon v. Davies

#CivilLaw #MedMal #ExpertTestimony 04/28/2020- Rolon, as the administrator of the estate of Maria Sanchez-Rodriguez, filed med mal action against Davies as well as others, alleging the defendants’ negligence led to the death of his wife, Ms. Sanchez-Ridriguez. The jury returned a verdict for the defendants, and Rolon appealed. The Superior Court affirmed in part and … Read more

Morales-Hurtado v. Reinoso

#ExpertTestimony #CivPro The Supreme Court affirmed per curium based on the Appellate Division’s opinion, but wrote to emphasize the trial court’s erroneous application of NJRE 802 & 703 to the of the proposed expert testimony of a life care planner. Though some of the information the proposed expert was to rely on was not certified … Read more