Investors Bank v. Javier Torres

Torres signed a promissory note, which was secured by a mortgage, with CitiMortgage. Torres defaulted but then CitiMortgage discovered that it had lost the original note but had retained a digital copy. CitiMortgage assigned the mortgage and its interest in the note to Investors Bank. When Investors served Torres with an Intention to Foreclose, he … Read more

SDO v. Donahue

Donahue appealed from the order, which denied his petition to strike and/or open the confessed judgment entered in favor of SDO. The Superior Court affirmed. On appeal, Donahue argued the subject confessed judgment was infirm because the warrant of attorney was “exhausted” by previous use of the warrant to confess judgment against him. The Superior Court … Read more

Rullex v. Tel-Stream

Rullex hired Karnei, whose small business was named Tel-Stream, subcontracted cell-tower work to Karmei. As part of the contract, Krmei signed a non-compete agreement (“NCA”). However, Karmei signed the NCA sometime after he had begun working for Rullex. When Rullex learned that Karmei’s company was working for one of Rullex’s competitors, Rullex sued alleging that … Read more

Lewis v. Lewis

This appeal involved the validity of a post-nuptial settlement agreement. After Husband petitioned for enforcement of the settlement agreement, Wife counter-petitioned claiming, amongst other things, that the agreement is not enforceable because she signed it under duress. The trial court invalidated the agreement. Husband appealed, and the Superior Court affirmed. The Court noted that the … Read more

Norman v. Elkin

Norman sued Elkin on a variety of tort and contract claims. After two trials and two appellate remands, the District Court found in favor of Norman on two claims and in favor of Elkin on the others. Both sides appealed. The Third Circuit Court reversed on one aspect of Norman’s contract claim. In all other … Read more