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Commonwealth v. Fallon

Though no one saw the defendant inside a vehicle, the Pennsylvania Superior Court nonetheless held that the defendant’s conviction for DUI was supported by sufficient evidence and was not against

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State v. Marcellus

The New Jersey Appellate Division reversed the trial court’s order that denied the defendant’s suppression motion. The defendant’s mother, who does not speak English, had a room in the defendant’s

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Commonwealth v. Conklin

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the lower court did not impose a vindictive sentence. The lower court re-sentenced the defendant after the Superior Court vacated the defendant’s original sentence.

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A.L. v. Pa. State Police

The six participating justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court actually agreed on something when they determined that sexual assault as defined under the Uniform Code of Military Justice is comparable

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State v. Bell

The New Jersey Supreme Court considered whether leaving the scene of an accident resulting in the death of another person can be charged separately for each victim killed in a

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Commonwealth v. Lang

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the order granting the defendant’s post-sentence request for a new trial after his non-jury conviction of sexual crimes against a minor.  The crux of this

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Gaines v Superintendent Benner Twp. SCI

The Third Circuit vacated an order granting the defendant’s petition for habeas corpus. The defendant was convicted in Pennsylvania state court of first-degree murder. After pursuing direct and collateral proceedings

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Commonwealth v. Miller

After the Miller and Montgomery decisions, the trial court resentenced the defendant, a juvenile lifer, to imprisonment of 55 years to life. The defendant appealed, challenging the legality of the

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Commonwealth v. Lehmman

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s conviction for first-degree murder. The defendant made three claims of error. First, he claimed that the trial court erred by denying his motion

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