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Commonwealth v. Wright

The Pennsylvania Superior Court vacated the defendant’s sentence for simple assault because the lower court erred in awarding restitution to The Phia Group, a recovery and reimbursement subrogation vendor. The

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Hoover v. Weltzer, M.D.

In this nursing malpractice case, the New Jersey Appellate Division vacated the trial court’s order that granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss. The plaintiff treated with the doctor/co-defendant for problems

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State v. Bell

The New Jersey Supreme Court considered whether leaving the scene of an accident resulting in the death of another person can be charged separately for each victim killed in a

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State v. O’Donnell

The defendant ran for mayor of Bayonne and agreed to accept $10,000 from an individual in exchange for making the person Bayonne’s next tax attorney. But the defendant lost the

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In re Young

The New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed the Civil Service Commission’s decision, which dismissed Young’s administrative appeal. Young works as a painter at the Woodbine Developmental Center. He received a Preliminary

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State v. Troisi

Put down your cell phone while driving because the New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed the defendant’s violation of the statute prohibiting the use of hands-free and hand-held wireless communication devices

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In re Estate of Chennisi

Ms. Newman appealed from the order that overruled her objection to including an award from the September 11th Victim’s Compensation Fund (“VCF”) as an asset of her deceased husband’s estate.

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Commonwealth v. Holt

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the appellant’s conviction for hindering apprehension or prosecution in connection with her son’s high-profile murder of a police officer. The appellant was convicted under Section

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