Chadaga v. Torres

In Chadaga v. Torres, the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed an order granting damages and possession to a landlord in an eviction action. The Court ruled that, because the tenant’s objection at trial was not specific, the tenant did not preserve the issue of whether the governor’s moratorium on evictions applied to the case. The Court … Read more

Phoenix Pinelands Corp. v. Davidoff

Thankfully, we can read judicial opinions online. If opinions were issued in paper, the New Jersey Appellate Division would have had to cut down the entire Pinelands for the 175-page opus of Phoenix Pinelands Corp. v. Davidoff. This case started as a quiet title action in the Chancery Division. In short, the Phoenix Pinelands Corp. … Read more

Newman & Co. v. City of Philadelphia

In Newman & Co. v. City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth Court heard an appeal from the Court of Common Pleas’s order dismissing the plaintiff’s suit seeking declaratory relief. The plaintiff claimed fee simple ownership or, in the alternative, an easement in a disputed strip of property currently owned by the city but had been a … Read more

Burba v. Indiana Co. Tax Claim Bureau

In Burba v. Indiana Co. Tax Claim Bureau, the Burbas appealed from the trial court’s order, which denied their petition to overturn a tax sale of their property. On appeal, the Burbas, who did not pay their 2017 and 2018 real estate taxes, argued that the sale was invalid because they were not provided with … Read more

Barna v. Langendoerfer

In Barna v. Langendorfer, the Superior Court reviewed an order holding the defendants in contempt for failing to promptly cure their violation of a restrictive covenant. The covenant limited the defendants to having a residence with an attached garage on their property. But they built a *gasp* detached garage. A neighbor filed a complaint seeking … Read more

Tarta Luna Prop. v. Harvest Rest. Grp.

In Tarta Luna Prop. v. Harvest Rest. Grp., the Appellate Division was tasked with determining whether a lease and construction dispute between a landlord and its restaurant that resulted in litigation warranted the Chancery Division’s order compelling the restaurant to pay its landlord $1 million in attorney’s fees. The Appellate Division noted that a Chancery … Read more

Garden State Inv. v. Twp. of Brick

In Garden State Inv. v. Twp. of Brick, the Appellate Division agreed with the Chancery Division that purchasers of tax sale certificates could not rescind the purchase and receive back taxes paid because they later learned that the properties subject to those taxes had a restrictive easement on them. The plaintiffs relied on Twp. of … Read more