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Marsalis v. Pa. Dep’t of Corr.

The Third Circuit affirmed the dismissal of the defendant’s habeas corpus petition. The Court ruled that the defendant “filed his ineffective-assistance claim ten months late. Plus, he failed to assert

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Ford v. Att’y Gen.

The Third Circuit vacated the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) order declining to reopen the petitioner’s case. Petitioner paid an attorney to represent him in removal proceedings. His requests for

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Commonwealth v. Hipps

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the Court of Common Pleas order that granted the defendant’s second PCRA petition. The defendant tried to sidestep the PCRA’s time bar with a newly-discovered

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Commonwealth v. Wilson

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the dismissal of the defendant’s PCRA petition, which claimed the ineffectiveness of trial and appellate counsels. First, the defendant alleged that appellate counsel was ineffective

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Commonwealth v. Thomas

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that plea counsel was not ineffective. The petitioner, a citizen of India, pleaded guilty to possession with the intent to distribute. Two weeks later, the

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Commonwealth v. Washington

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the lower court and granted the defendant’s PCRA petition. A jury convicted the defendant of three counts of solicitation to commit homicide. After his convictions

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Commonwealth v. Crumbley

The Pennsylvania Superior Court dealt with what will surely become a common issue in light of Commonwealth v. Bradley: claims of ineffective assistance of counsel raised for the first time

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Commonwealth v. Bishop

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed an order denying the defendant’s PCRA petition wherein he made numerous allegations of ineffective assistance of counsel. And in doing so, the Court gave a

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Commonwealth v. Reid

To avoid the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s “frustration” with Appellant’s brief, counsel should have hired the ghostwriting pros at Sullivan | Simon. This was a direct appeal from an order dismissing

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Commonwealth v. Davis

In a collateral attack proceeding, the Commonwealth agreed with the defendant that he should be resentenced based on Alleyne. At the hearing, the lower court stated that the defendant’s “original

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