State v. Lawrence

Lawrence appealed from an order, which denied his petition for post-conviction relief. Lawrence had been confined to a jail work-release program as a result of his failure to pay child support. When he failed to return by curfew on two occasions, he was indicted on two counts of third-degree escape. Lawrence pleaded guilty to the … Read more

Commonwealth v. Hromek

Hromek appealed the denial of his challenge to the legality of his sentence via a “Petition for Enforcement of Plea Agreement.” The Superior Court deemed the Petition as a PCRA petition, and affirmed the denial because it was untimely. The Court noted that, while challenges to the legality of a sentence cannot be waived, they … Read more

USA v. Lacerda

In this consolidated appeal, Lacerda and two other defendants challenged their judgments of conviction, raising several claims of error, including challenges to the admission of evidence as well as to the sentences imposed. The Third Circuit Court affirmed. For the first time in a precedential opinion, the Court addressed the permissible scope and limits of overview … Read more

Commonwealth v. Hudson

#Sentencing #VOP #CourtCosts 04/16/20- In 2010, Hudson pleaded guilty to robbery and other crimes. In the sentencing order, the trial court imposed the following conditions of probation: obtain a GED; attend job training; seek and maintain employment; and pay court costs. On February 12, 2019, he appeared for a fourth VOP hearing, which is the … Read more