Cowley v. Virtua Health System

Plaintiff initiated a medical malpractice after developing complications from her stay at Virtua Hospital. After nurses properly insterted a feeding tube into the plaintiff, the plaintiff removed the tube and refused attempts to reinsert it. She claimed that the nurses’ failure to reinsert the tube constituted a breach of a duty of care. But plaintiff … Read more

Rolon v. Davies

#CivilLaw #MedMal #ExpertTestimony 04/28/2020- Rolon, as the administrator of the estate of Maria Sanchez-Rodriguez, filed med mal action against Davies as well as others, alleging the defendants’ negligence led to the death of his wife, Ms. Sanchez-Ridriguez. The jury returned a verdict for the defendants, and Rolon appealed. The Superior Court affirmed in part and … Read more

Ungurian v. Beyzman

In this medical malpractice suit, the defendant hospital Wilkes-Barre General Hospital sought to protect certain reports made in the wake of the botched medical procedure. The hospital claimed that the reports were privileged pursuant to the Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act and the Peer Review Protection Act. The trial court disagreed and ordered the materials … Read more