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Labega v. Joshi

The New Jersey Appellate Division reversed the trial court’s grant of summary judgment. Plaintiff sued Defendant-appellants alleging medical negligence and vicarious liability for the negligent acts of their agents or employees.

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Lageman v. Zepp

The plaintiff was injured during surgery and sued her anesthesiologist. The trial court instructed the jury on direct and circumstantial evidence but declined the plaintiff’s request to instruct the jury

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Mazzie v. Lehigh Valley Hosp.

In Mazzie v. Lehigh Valley Hosp., the defendants in a medical negligence matter appealed after a jury found in favor of the plaintiffs. The defendants claimed that they should have

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Povrzenwich v. Ripepi

In Povrzenwich v. Ripepi, a medical malpractice suit, Plaintiff appealed the judgment entered in her favor. Plaintiff, the verdict winner below, contended that she was entitled to a new trial

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Clark v. Nenna

Clark v. Nenna arose out of a surgical procedure that the defendant performed on the plaintiff. The plaintiff alleged emotional distress caused by the defendant’s professional negligence, i.e., failure to

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A.A. v. Glicken

In A.A. v. Glicken, the Superior Court held that, because Glicken did not show “good cause,” the trial court did not abuse its discretion in the denial of an uncontested

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