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In re D.G.J.

This case presented the Pennsylvania Superior Court with a factual scenario of first impression—U.S. citizens sought to adopt their foreign-born nephew, who has been residing with them in the U.S.

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A.A.R. v. J.R.C.

The New Jersey Appellate Division ruled that procedural due process requires that before trial, judges inform the defendants in domestic violence proceedings both of the serious consequences resulting from the

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In re K.B.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the lower court’s order that adjudicated a child dependent. The mother appealed and claimed that the lower court abused its discretion because it denied her

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Zabrosky v. Smithbower-Zabrosky

The Superior Court reviewed the lower court’s order that added money to a husband’s child support obligation after he secretly withdrew money from his children’s 529 Accounts to pay for

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M.A.P. v. E.B.A.

The New Jersey Appellate Division ruled that the lower court did not possess personal jurisdiction over a nonresident alleged to have fathered a child during a sexual relationship with a

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Sichelsteiel v. Sichelstiel

A father appealed to the Pennsylvania Superior Court from the Court of Common Pleas order to pay $2,300 per month in child support. The father argued that the flow-through income

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D.M.C. v. K.H.G.

In this complex divorce matter, the New Jersey Appellate Division reviewed the Chancery Court’s order denying the wife’s motion to vacate her final judgment of divorce, which incorporated a property

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In re A.J.R.O.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the orphans’ court’s decree, which terminated involuntarily Mother’s parental rights. In her notice of appeal, Mother contravened the rule in Commonwealth v. Walker when she

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Mariano v. Rhodes

The Pennsylvania Superior Court aptly described the question presented as “whether the prothonotary’s rejection of a spouse’s imperfect pleadings constitutes a fatal defect apparent upon the face of the record,

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Steiner v. Steiner

The New Jersey Appellate Division heard a husband’s appeal after the trial court bifurcated a divorce, conducted a bench trial on the grounds for the divorce, and found in favor

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