In the Interest of: T.M.W.

Mother appealed the trial court’s orders involuntarily terminating her parental rights to her daughter. The Superior Court reversed. The Court ruled that the trial court’s factual findings were not supported by competent evidence of the record. Here, where Mother was faithfully attending every supervised, semi-weekly visit with Child, was cooperative with her DHS and other … Read more

M.B.S. v. W.E.

W.E. (Mother) appealed the trial court’s order, which granted sole legal custody of O.S. to M.B.S. (Father). The Superior Court dismissed the appeal as moot, finding, even if we enter a final order in this matter before O.S. turns 18 years old, the trial court will not be able to proceed on remand before it loses … Read more

Gormley v. Gormley

The defendant in a divorce action was determined to be disabled by the Social Security Administration. Relying on Gilligan v. Gilligan, 428 N.J. Super. 69 (Ch. Div. 2012) held that the SSA’s determination alone as insufficient to prove a disability at trial. The Appellate Division abrogated Gilligan to the extent that it conflicts with Golian v. Golian, … Read more

C.C. v. J.A.H.

Plaintiff was granted a temporary restraining order and, after a contested hearing, was awarded a final restraining order. At issue was whether plaintiff could establish a “dating relationship” as a necessary element in receiving the FRO. The parties met at a gym, where the plaintiff worked and the defendant regularly exercised. They never went on … Read more

J.S. v. R.S.S.

#FamilyLaw #Custody 04/14/20- J.S. (“Father”) appealed from the order, awarding sole legal and primary physical custody of the parties’ daughter, A.S. (“Child”), to R.S.S. (“Mother”). Father argued that the trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to enter the order and erred by denying his motion to continue the custody hearing. The Superior Court affirmed.Father maintained … Read more