In re Y.W.-B.

In In re Y.W.-B., the Superior Court confronted two challenging family law questions. First, the Court held that a county child protective services agency “may obtain a court order compelling a parent’s cooperation with a home visit upon a showing of a fair probability that a child is in need of services, and that evidence … Read more

In re Adoption of B.G.S.

The Superior Court confronted an Anders brief while reviewing In re Adoption of B.G.S. There, a couple broke up, and, a short time later, the woman learned she was pregnant. She never told the father and put the child up for adoption. After the child was adopted, the mother told the father about his child’s existence. The … Read more

M.E.W. v. W.L.W.

In M.E.W. v. W.L.W., the Superior Court reversed the lower court’s order discharging the father’s child support obligation because the lower court reviewed the incapacitated adult child’s assets to downward adjust the father’s support obligation. The Court held that such a review is only appropriate when the parent’s resources are lacking, and the father was … Read more

A.L.B. v. M.D.L

In A.L.B. v. M.D.L., the Superior Court analyzed the 16-factor test set forth in 23 Pa.C.S.A. § 5328(a) in analyzing a trial court’s “drastic action,” awarding sole legal and primary physical custody of children, in a bitter and contentious divorce and child custody matter.

In re A.C.

In the case of In re A.C., the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s order, which found Mother to be the perpetrator of child abuse, adjudicated Child delinquent, and transferred custody of Child to Phila. DHS.

In re N.S.

In re N.S. was a family law case in which the Superior Court determined that the evidence was insufficient to transfer custody of a dependent child from the mother. The evidence did not support the trial court’s ruling that it was “clearly necessary” to remove the child.

In the Interest of N.G.

The Superior Court in In the Interest of N.G. held that the the trial court properly found the termination of a mother’s parental rights to her children was appropriate under Section 2511(b) of the Adoption Act, as that subsection focuses solely on the best interests of the child.

In re Guardianship of Dinoia

The Appellate Division in In re: Guardianship of Dinoia held that the trial court had the authority to compel a county Adult Protective Services unit to pay attorneys fees for a lawyer who was court appointed to represent an allegedly incapacitated person.

E.K. v. J.R.A.

In E.K. v. J.R.A., the Superior Court dealt with two interrelated orders. The Court ruled the trial court did not abuse its discretion in granting a PFA, finding that Mother had a reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily injury by Father. However, the Court vacated a Custody Contempt Order, finding the trial court violated Father’s … Read more

B.R.S. v. J.L.

The Superior Court ruled in B.R.S. v. J.L. that a petitioner had standing to seek a protection from abuse order against his wife’s sister’s husband, as the two were related by affinity.