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Investors Bank v. Torres

In the case of Investors Bank v. Torres, Torres signed a promissory note, which was secured by a mortgage, with CitiMortgage. Torres defaulted but then CitiMortgage discovered that it had

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SDO v. Donahue

Donahue appealed from the order, which denied his petition to strike and/or open the confessed judgment entered in favor of SDO. On appeal, Donahue argued the subject confessed judgment was infirm

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Rullex v. Tel-Stream

Rullex hired Karnei, whose small business was named Tel-Stream, and subcontracted cell-tower work to Karmei. As part of the contract, Karmei signed a non-compete agreement (“NCA”). However, Karmei signed the

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Lewis v. Lewis

This appeal involved the validity of a post-nuptial settlement agreement. After Husband petitioned for enforcement of the settlement agreement, Wife counter-petitioned claiming, amongst other things, that the agreement is not

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Norman v. Elkin

Norman sued Elkin on a variety of tort and contract claims. After two trials and two appellate remands, the District Court found in favor of Norman on two claims and

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