Commonwealth v. Hairston

In Commonwealth v. Hairston, a capital PCRA appeal, Hairston challenged the dismissal of his PCRA petition. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed, holding that Hairston failed to present convincing new evidence that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment violative of the Eighth Amendment or of Article I, Section 13 of the PA Constitution. Also, … Read more

State v. Dalal

In the consolidated appeals of State v. Dalal, the defendants argued that the New Jersey Anti-Terrorism Act, N.J.S.A. 2C: 38-1 to -5, was unconstitutionally vague. The New Jersey Appellate Division disagreed and affirmed the convictions. The Court held that the defendants’ conduct–firebombing five synagogues–fell squarely within the prohibited conduct identified by the Act. Consequently, the … Read more

Commonwealth v. Cox

In Commonwealth v. Cox, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court considered an appeal from the denial of PCRA relief in a capital case. The defendant claimed he was intellectually disabled and could not be executed. The Court focused on whether the defendant had “significant adaptive limitations.” The Court found the PCRA court’s weighing of that factor deficient … Read more