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State v. Francisco

The New Jersey Appellate Division issued a rare analysis of what has become known as “crimmigration”. The opinion is a worthwhile read for criminal and immigration attorneys. In this case,

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Commonwealth v. Rawls

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that law enforcement agents do not violate the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution when they fail to specifically apprise a defendant that criminal charges

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Randolph v. Sec’y Pa. Dept. of Corr.

The week before his capital trial, Randolph hired Sam Stretton to replace his court-appointed counsel. On the Thursday before Monday’s jury selection, Stretton entered his appearance and asked the trial

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State v. Maisonet

In State v. Maisonet, the New Jersey Supreme Court considered whether the defendant was denied his constitutional right to counsel when, on the day his murder trial was set to

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Commonwealth v. Carlson

In Commonwealth v. Carlson, prior to trial, the public defender (“PD”) filed a motion to withdraw, asserting that the defendant’s job rendered him ineligible for the PD’s services. The trial

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Commonwealth v. Floyd

In Commonwealth v. Floyd, Appellant appealed his convictions after pleading guilty to several crimes charged on two dockets. Appellant violated the rule established in Commonwealth v. Walker, 185 A.3d 969

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Commonwealth v. Hajdarevic

In Commonwealth v. Hajdarevic, the Superior Court held that the Confrontation Clause applies to evidence presented by the Commonwealth to establish the time of a blood draw in a DUI

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State v. Jackson

Be careful who your friends are. In State v. Jackson, the New Jersey Supreme Court handed down a significant Confrontation Clause decision. Three codefendants participated in a burglary, but one

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United States v. Wilson

After being convicted by a jury of two bank robberies, the defendants appealed their attorneys’ decisions to stipulate that the banks were federally insured and, as a result, the federal

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