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Hausmann v. Bernd

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s order that sustained the defendants’ preliminary objection to venue. The action arose out of a car crash in Montgomery County. The plaintiffs

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Kim v. Dep’t of Transp.

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court addressed an issue of first impression involving venue in an action where the Commonwealth is a defendant. The plaintiff drove off the road in a construction

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Fox v. Smith

“When a person is defamed via a medium with worldwide accessibility, a cause of action may arise in multiple venues”. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that “a plaintiff may select

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Commonwealth v. Arrington

In Commonwealth v. Arrington, the defendant appealed his convictions of various offenses, including Involuntary Manslaughter, Conspiracy to Commit Involuntary Manslaughter, and Drug Delivery Resulting in Death. On appeal, he argued

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Matthews v. Erie Ins. Grp.

The plaintiff in a motor-vehicle-accident case appealed from an order of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas that sustained the defendant’s preliminary objections because the venue should have been in

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