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Roy v. Rue

Do you enjoy Civil Procedure? If so, read this opinion where the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the denial of a petition to open and strike the default judgment. In 2013,

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Bellan v. Penn Presbyterian Med. Ctr.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s order, which dismissed the plaintiff’s complaint with prejudice. The plaintiff sued Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (“PPMC”) to recover damages for injuries he

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In re M.N.K.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed an order of the Orphans’ Court, terminating the appellant’s parental rights. The issue was procedural. The appellant argued that he was not adequately served with

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In re K.M.D

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the Orphans’ Court order that involuntarily terminated a couple’s parental rights to their five children. The Superior Court held that a county agency failed to

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Harris v. Couttien

In a scant five pages, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the Court of Common Pleas’ order that dismissed a complaint due to improper service. The plaintiffs filed a pro se

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Gussom v. Teagle

In Gussom v. Teagle, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court revisited “the Lamp rule”, which generally prohibits a plaintiff from filing a writ of summons or complaint, failing to serve it, but repeatedly

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Scalla v. KWS, Inc.

Persuasive legal writing matters. Don’t believe us, ask KWS, Inc. In Scalla v. KWS, Inc., the Superior Court issued a thorough dressing-down of the company’s attempt to reopen a default

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