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Pineda v. Perry

In Pineda v. Perry, the Superior Court held that a party may appeal directly from the grant of a permanent injunction, even when judgment has not been entered. The Court

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MB Fin. Bank v. Rao

The Superior Court addressed standing in the context of a foreclosure action in MB Fin. Bank v. Rao. More specifically, the Court considered whether the plaintiff sufficiently proved that it

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Catanzaro v. Pennell

In Catanzaro v. Pennell, the Superior Court reiterated the pleading standard necessary to succeed on a action to quiet title. The Court ruled that the plaintiff failed to adequately plead

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Crispino v. Twp. of Sparta

The NJ Supreme Court determined in Crispino v. Twp. of Sparta that the methodology for valuing a special assessment under the Dam, Lake, and Stream Project Fund for an improvement on

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Ladd v. Real Estate Comm’n

Ladd, who was in her sixties, lived in NJ and managed two rental properties she owned, as well as the rental of some of her neighbors’ properties, located in the

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