In re C.B.

In re C.B. presented the Pennsylvania Superior Court with an opportunity to revisit the evidentiary burden necessary for a court to adjudicate a juvenile as delinquent. C.B. was found to have possessed child pornography. At his dispositional hearing, he presented an expert who opined that the juvenile did not need further supervision, treatment, or rehabilitation. … Read more

In re Z.S.

The Appellate Division in In re Z.S. vacated the family court’s order, which waived jurisdiction and directed that 17-year-old Z.S. be prosecuted as an adult on charges under the Jessica Lunsford Act.  The Appellate Division found that the prosecutor’s statement of reasons was “materially deficient.” Importantly, the juvenile was functioning cognitively as a 13-year-old and was deemed developmentally … Read more

Commonwealth v. Taylor

This appeal addressed whether a minor’s Fifth Amendment privilege against compulsory self-incrimination was violated when a juvenile court granted the Commonwealth’s request to have a delinquency matter transferred to an adult court for criminal prosecution, based in part upon the minor’s decision not to admit culpability to the delinquent acts alleged. When he was fifteen … Read more