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State v. Comer

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s holding in these consolidated cases will enact a seismic change in the sentencing of juveniles convicted of murder in the Garden State. Two juveniles were

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In re E.S.

This interlocutory appeal presented the New Jersey Appellate Division with an unsettled question concerning the fair and appropriate sequence of proceedings in the prosecution of a juvenile offender who the

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In re K.B.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s decision that a minor was not competent to testify. Child Victim told her father that K.B. had touched her genitalia on two

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Commonwealth v. Green

The Pennsylvania Superior Court quashed the appeal of a trial court’s order because the trial court did not have jurisdiction to render the decision. The Commonwealth charged a juvenile as

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State v. Ahmad

The New Jersey Supreme Court reversed the lower court’s order, which found the defendant’s statement to police admissible. The 17-year-old defendant arrived at a hospital with gunshot wounds and told

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In re C.B.

In re C.B. presented the Pennsylvania Superior Court with an opportunity to revisit the evidentiary burden necessary for a court to adjudicate a juvenile as delinquent. C.B. was found to

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In re Z.S.

The Appellate Division in In re Z.S. vacated the family court’s order, which waived jurisdiction and directed that 17-year-old Z.S. be prosecuted as an adult on charges under the Jessica Lunsford

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Commonwealth v. Taylor

This appeal addressed whether a minor’s Fifth Amendment privilege against compulsory self-incrimination was violated when a juvenile court granted the Commonwealth’s request to have a delinquency matter transferred to an

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