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Doe v. The College of N.J.

In Doe v. The College of N.J., the Third Circuit confronted a unique issue: whether the plaintiff should be permitted to proceed anonymously with her discrimination claim. She alleged her

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In re E.C.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court quashed the appeal of In re E.C. as interlocutory because the order at issue was a permanency order, which is not a final order. The father

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In re McAleer

In re McAleer resulted in a per curiam order from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court because Justice Baer did not participate in the matter, leaving a 3-3 split on the main

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United States v. Alexander

In United States v. Alexander,  Appellant filed an interlocutory appeal from the District Court’s order denying various pretrial motions to dismiss the original and superseding indictments against her on the

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United States v. Bellille

Defense counsel filed this interlocutory appeal based on the District Court’s denial of his motion to withdraw. Counsel was appointed pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). He moved to

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