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Hauck v. Unemployment Comp. Bd. of Rev.

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court affirmed the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review’s order affirming a Referee’s decision that denied unemployment compensation benefits after the claimant was fired for failing a drug

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Commonwealth v. Harrington

This was an appeal following convictions of Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution, Firearms Not to be Carried Without a License, and Tampering With or Fabricating Physical Evidence. The Commonwealth alleged Appellant

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Commonwealth v. Raboin

On its face, a four-justice majority found this case to be about Rule of Evidence 106, typically referred to as the rule of completeness. But this case might be more

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In re D.C.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reviewed the Tender Years Hearsay Act after the appellant was convicted of sexual offenses based partly on the victim’s out-of-court statements to various family members about

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State v. Hannah

The New Jersey Supreme Court reviewed a serial collateral attack on the defendant’s homicide convictions. He claimed his trial counsel was ineffective for failing to utilize certain exculpatory evidence to

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Commonwealth v. Fitzpatrick

The “state of mind” exception to the hearsay rule took center stage when detectives investigating a homicide found a note the decedent wrote stating, “If something happens to me—JOE.” The

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Commonwealth v. Weeden

The Pennsylvania Superior Court whittled away at criminal defendants’ right to confront their accusers. Here, the defendant appealed after a jury convicted him of aggravated assault and firearms offenses. The

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State v. Williamson

In State v. Williamson, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued an important decision on the intersection of a criminal defendant’s right to confront his accuser and the dying declaration exception

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Hassan v. Williams

In Hassan v. Williams, the New Jersey Appellate Division issued a must-read opinion, which touched on several evidentiary issues. The Court reviewed a defense-favorable verdict after a rear-end crash involving

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Commonwealth v. Rivera

In Commonwealth v. Rivera, the defendant appealed his convictions of a host of sex offenses. The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded. First, the Superior Court

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