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In re M.R.

In re M.R. involved consolidated appeals in which the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (“DHS”) appealed from the orders adjudicating dependent M.R. and his twin sister, J.R. (collectively, “Children”), but

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State v. Pickett

In State v. Pickett, the New Jersey Appellate Division issued a massive constitutional ruling that will reverberate well beyond New Jersey’s borders. After a shooting, police recovered a gun. The

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Commonwealth v. Chmiel

In Commonwealth v. Chmiel, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court considered an appeal from the denial of PCRA relief in a capital case. The defendant challenged the microscopic hair analysis used at

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Commonwealth v. Bonnett

In Commonwealth v. Bonnett, the Superior Court reviewed a trial court’s decision to deny the defendant a Frye hearing to challenge the methodology of a Commonwealth witness. The witness at issue

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Walsh v. BASF

In Walsh v. BASF, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that a trial court may not question the merits of an expert’s scientific theories, techniques, or conclusions, and it is not

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