Mader v. Duquesne Light Co.

In Mader v. Duquesne Light Co., the Pennsylvania Supreme Court considered the limits on a trial court’s discretion to order a new trial on all damages where a jury’s award on certain damages was based on stipulations or was otherwise unimpeachable. The Court held that a jury’s award of certain types of damages may be … Read more

McMichael v. McMichael

In McMichael v. McMichael, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court gave quality primers on the difference between a survival action and a wrongful death action as well as the difference between economic and non-economic damages. In this wrongful death and survival action, the jury awarded the decedent’s surviving spouse zero dollars in damages — economic and non-economic … Read more

Woullard v. Sanner Concrete and Supply

In Woullard v. Sanner Concrete and Supply, Woullard sued, claiming that the defendants breached their respective contracts related to constructing a house and a detached garage. After the trial court found in favor of Woullard, the defendants appealed and argued that the trial court erred in calculating its damage award. The Superior Court affirmed, holding … Read more

Little v. Kia Motors America

This class action proceeded to trial and the jury agreed with the plaintiffs that the defendant breached express and implied warranties by selling the plaintiffs cars with defective brake pads. The jury awarded $750 to each plaintiff. The trial court granted the defendant’s post-trial motion regarding damages only. The trial court left the verdict intact … Read more