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Log Cabin Property, LP v. PA LCB

In the Pennsylvania Commonwealth’s Court’s second case of the week based on MFW Wine Co., LLC v. Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, 231 A.3d 50 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2020) (MFW I), the

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MFW Wine Co. v. Pa. LCB

On May 1, 2020, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court granted peremptory judgment in mandamus and summary declaratory relief in Petitioners’ favor and against the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) because the

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Graphnet, Inc. v. Retarus, Inc.

In this appeal, the New Jersey Supreme Court considered “whether a new trial on all damages is required when a jury is improperly instructed on nominal damages, and a plaintiff

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Glassman v. Friedel

The New Jersey Supreme Court addressed the allocation of damages in cases in which a plaintiff asserts claims against successive tortfeasors and settles with the initial tortfeasors before trial. The

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Mortimer v. McCool

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court  examined the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil, which the Court glossed as an area “among the most confusing in corporate law.” In 2007, Mortimer was

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Discover Bank v. Booker

Booker appealed the judgment for Discover Bank for $6,765.47 plus interest. The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed. First, Booker alleged the trial court erred in finding an express contract between the

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Romero v. Gold Star Distribution, LLC

Romero, an MMA athlete, sued Gold Star, alleging negligence, products liability, and other claims. The trial court entered a default judgment and awarded $9 million in damages. The court subsequently

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Bert Co. v. Turk

In Bert Co. v. Turk, the Pennsylvania Superior Court confronted a question of first impression in Pennsylvania: How should courts calculate the ratio(s) of damages when multiple defendants claim the

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Mazzie v. Lehigh Valley Hosp.

In Mazzie v. Lehigh Valley Hosp., the defendants in a medical negligence matter appealed after a jury found in favor of the plaintiffs. The defendants claimed that they should have

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Povrzenwich v. Ripepi

In Povrzenwich v. Ripepi, a medical malpractice suit, Plaintiff appealed the judgment entered in her favor. Plaintiff, the verdict winner below, contended that she was entitled to a new trial

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