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Khalil v. Travelers Indem. Co. of Amer.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the doctrine of res judicata barred the plaintiff’s claims. Appellant sought monetary damages against Appellees, including Travelers, Pier 3, Wentworth, and the attorneys who

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Roy v. Rue

Do you enjoy Civil Procedure? If so, read this opinion where the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the denial of a petition to open and strike the default judgment. In 2013,

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Devers v. Devers

In this matrimonial appeal, the New Jersey Appellate Division ruled that the trial court erroneously found a lack of subject matter jurisdiction over Plaintiff’s claim that an account held by

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Dobransky v. EQT

An en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court determined that Appellees were not immune from liability because they did not qualify as statutory employers under the Workers’ Compensation Act

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Doe v. Princeton Univ.

Two Princeton students were in a relationship so toxic that it had to be settled in the Third Circuit. Doe, a male, and Roe, a female, dated while they were

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Harris v. City of Newark

The New Jersey Supreme Court held that, in a New Jersey Civil Rights Act (NJCRA) action, a defendant seeking to challenge a trial court’s order denying qualified immunity prior to

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