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A.L. v. Pa. State Police

The six participating justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court actually agreed on something when they determined that sexual assault as defined under the Uniform Code of Military Justice is comparable

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Commonwealth v. Parrish

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the denial of PCRA relief in this capital case. On appeal to the Supreme Court, the defendant raised numerous claims of error, including a layered

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Commonwealth v. Holt

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the defendant’s death sentence. The defendant unsuccessfully argued eight issues: 1.) Sufficiency of the evidence; 2.) Weight of the evidence; 3.) The Commonwealth’s alleged failure

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Commonwealth v. Edwards

A highly-fractured Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an opinion that refused to extend double jeopardy protections. The defendant sought to bar a retrial after the Superior Court vacated his conviction,  holding

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Carter v. Chapman

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court undertook the “unwelcome obligation” of determining the state’s new congressional redistricting plan because the General Assembly and the Governor failed to do so. The Court rejected

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Commonwealth v. Felder

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court framed the issue: “Whether a discretionary term-of-years sentence may be so long as to amount to a de facto life sentence, thereby triggering the substantive and

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Commonwealth v. Barr

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that that “the smell of marijuana may be a factor, but not a stand-alone one, in determining whether the totality of the circumstances established probable

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In re Y.W.-B.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that there is no “social worker exception” to compliance with constitutional limitations on an entry into a home without consent or exigent circumstances. Thus, constitutional

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