Commonwealth v. Taylor

This appeal asked whether a minor’s Fifth Amendment privilege against compulsory self-incrimination was violated when a juvenile court granted the Commonwealth’s request to have a delinquency matter transferred to an adult court for criminal prosecution, based in part upon the minor’s decision not to admit culpability to the delinquent acts alleged. The Court held that … Read more

Northern Berks Regional Police Comm. v. Berks Co. FOP

A police officer was terminated for unauthorized use of a law enforcement database. He sought his position back, and pursuant to Act 111 — the Police and Firemen Collective Bargaining Act — he and his employer engaged in arbitration. The arbitrator awarded the officer his position back, finding that the officer was treated disparately. The … Read more

Commonwealth v. Hoover

In this discretionary appeal, the Court considered whether the trial court erred by vacating, pursuant to 42 Pa.C.S. § 5505 (“Modification of orders”), a prior order granting a petition for early termination of a sentence of intermediate punishment based on the court’s discovery that the defendant committed a new offense shortly after the early termination … Read more

Commonwealth v. Coleman

Coleman filed a PCRA petition alleging trial counsel’s ineffectiveness for failing to object at two different times during Coleman’s murder trial. The PCRA court and Superior Court found that Coleman’s issues were not meritorious. The Supreme Court of PA disagreed, reversed, and remanded to the Superior Court. The Supreme Court ruled that counsel was ineffective … Read more