Commonwealth v. Bagnall

In Commonwealth v. Bagnall, the Supreme Court vacated Bagnall’s murder conviction, ruling that his due process was violated when the prosecution failed to disclose a cooperation agreement between the DA’s Office, which, due to a conflict of interest recused itself, and a key witness.  The Court imputed the Office of Attorney General, which prosecuted the … Read more

Commonwealth v. Reid

In Commonwealth v. Reid, is one of several similar cases that have passed through the Supreme Court involving former Chief Justice Castille’s role as the elected DA of Philadelphia. In Reid’s case, the Court determined that the PCRA court did not have jurisdiction to reinstate Reid’s nunc pro tunc right to appeal. The Court found … Read more

Commonwealth v. King

The Supreme Court vacated King’s sentence, holding that he entered into one agreement with his co-conspirator to murder the victim and, because he failed in his attempt to do so, King could not be sentenced to serve separate terms for the inchoate crimes of conspiracy and attempt.