Commonwealth v. Bradley

A jury found Bradley guilty of defiant trespass after he was arrested for using his phone to video record in the lobby of a police station, which contained a posted “No Recording” sign. The Superior Court affirmed the conviction. On appeal, Bradley argued that forbidding him to record in a public area, i.e., the lobby … Read more

Rolon v. Davies

#CivilLaw #MedMal #ExpertTestimony 04/28/2020- Rolon, as the administrator of the estate of Maria Sanchez-Rodriguez, filed med mal action against Davies as well as others, alleging the defendants’ negligence led to the death of his wife, Ms. Sanchez-Ridriguez. The jury returned a verdict for the defendants, and Rolon appealed. The Superior Court affirmed in part and … Read more

Commonwealth v. Martz

#InfancyDefense #Rape Shield 04/28/2020- Martz appealed after a jury convicted him of five sex crimes he committed between the ages of 11 and 17 against a boy five years younger than him. Martz alleged, amongst other issues: The trial court erred when it denied his Motion to Dismiss based upon the Infancy Defense; The trial court … Read more

Commonwealth v. Maxwell

#PCRA 04/30/2020- Maxwell appealed from the order that dismissed as untimely his fourth petition filed pursuant to the Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA). The petition alleged that Maxwell was entitled to collateral relief because the prosecutor in 1984 violated Appellant’s right to a fair and impartial jury when he intentionally excluded black jurors from the venire. Maxwell … Read more

Selective Way Ins. v. MAK Services

#CivilLaw #SummaryJudgment 04/24/2020- MAK Services is exclusively in the business of snow and ice removal. MAK Services obtained liability insurance (“the Policy”) for its operations from Selective Way. The Policy excluded various types of coverage. Among these exclusions was one titled “Exclusion – Snow and Ice Removal.” After an individual slipped and fell at a location that MAK … Read more

Ungurian v. Beyzman

In this medical malpractice suit, the defendant hospital Wilkes-Barre General Hospital sought to protect certain reports made in the wake of the botched medical procedure. The hospital claimed that the reports were privileged pursuant to the Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act and the Peer Review Protection Act. The trial court disagreed and ordered the materials … Read more

J.S. v. R.S.S.

#FamilyLaw #Custody 04/14/20- J.S. (“Father”) appealed from the order, awarding sole legal and primary physical custody of the parties’ daughter, A.S. (“Child”), to R.S.S. (“Mother”). Father argued that the trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to enter the order and erred by denying his motion to continue the custody hearing. The Superior Court affirmed.Father maintained … Read more

Commonwealth v. Hudson

#Sentencing #VOP #CourtCosts 04/16/20- In 2010, Hudson pleaded guilty to robbery and other crimes. In the sentencing order, the trial court imposed the following conditions of probation: obtain a GED; attend job training; seek and maintain employment; and pay court costs. On February 12, 2019, he appeared for a fourth VOP hearing, which is the … Read more