Commonwealth v. Smith

In Commonwealth v. Smith, the defendant was convicted of robbery and related offenses. After the Superior Court affirmed the convictions, he sought allocatur. Before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on the petition, the defendant filed a PCRA petition. The PCRA court acknowledged that the filing was premature but chose to accept it as of the … Read more

Commonwealth v. Leone

In Commonwealth v. Leone, the Superior Court held that the defendant’s designation as a sexually violent predator (SVP) was constitutional. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court previously held in Commonwealth v. Butler, 226 A.3d 972 (Pa. 2020), that the mechanism by which defendants are determined to be SVPs is constitutional.

Commonwealth v. Reslink

In Commonwealth v. Reslink, the defendant appealed his sentence after he was convicted of molesting his nephew. The Superior Court held that the trial court did not err when, at sentencing, the court did not merge two counts of indecent assault. The Court found that one count was based on a course of conduct, while … Read more

Commonwealth v. Donoughe

In Commonwealth v. Donoughe, the defendant was charged with DUI and accepted into the ARD program. Pursuant to a written policy, ninety days after the defendant was accepted into ARD, the Pennsylvania State Police destroyed the mobile recording video of the arrest. But the defendant got kicked out of ARD and proceeded to trial. He … Read more

Z.F.1. v. Bethanna

In Z.F.1. v. Bethanna, the Superior Court heard the Defender Association of Philadelphia’s appeal after a jury found it liable for damages for failing to provide adequate representation as guardian ad litem to two children in foster care. The Defender Association asked the Court to hold that a guardian ad litem should be immune to … Read more

Commonwealth v. Floyd

In Commonwealth v. Floyd, Appellant appealed his convictions after pleading guilty to several crimes charged on two dockets. Appellant violated the rule established in Commonwealth v. Walker, 185 A.3d 969 (Pa. 2018), by filing one notice of appeal which contained both dockets. The Superior Court declined to quash the appeal, citing Commonwealth v. Larkin, __ … Read more

Acme Markets, Inc. v. Seltzer

In Acme Markets, Inc. v. Seltzer, the Superior Court played the numbers. The resulting opinion — centered on conversion — is well worth the read. A customer went into an Acme supermarket and asked to buy five scratch-off lottery tickets. The employee printed one ticket containing five sets of numbers. The customer looked at the … Read more

Goodwin v. Goodwin

In Goodwin v. Goodwin, Husband challenged the trial court’s equitable distribution of the marital estate in the divorce proceedings between him and Wife. Husband and Wife were together for decades and were never previously married. Wife was Son’s biological mother, though Husband was not the biological father and did not adopt Son. Son died before … Read more

Commonwealth v. Frame

In Commonwealth v. Frame, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reaffirmed its allegiance to Commonwealth v. Reid, wherein the Supreme Court held that the United States Supreme Court’s holding in Williams v. Pennsylvania did not apply retroactively. Williams had provided some relief for capital litigants for whom Justice Castille — formerly known as District Attorney Castille — … Read more

Commonwealth v. Friedland

Friedland filed a PCRA petition and specifically requested that counsel not be appointed to represent him in his PCRA proceedings. After a Grazier hearing, the PCRA court granted Friedland’s request to proceed pro se. Later, the court reviewed the filings and sent out a 907 Notice of dismissal. Only then did Friedland ask for a … Read more