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Facebook, Inc. v. New Jersey

The New Jersey Appellate Division confronted an issue of first impression: Whether communication data warrants (CDWs) or, conversely, wiretap orders had to be served on Facebook for law enforcement officers

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Commonwealth v. Bellamy

In Commonwealth v. Bellamy, the defendant appealed his conviction of drug charges and asserted the trial court erred in denying a suppression motion. The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed. The defendant

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Commonwealth v. Mason

In Commonwealth v. Mason, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court considered whether the Commonwealth was permitted to introduce audio recordings captured by a “nanny cam” that was surreptitiously installed in a child’s

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Commonwealth v. Davis

In Commonwealth v. Davis, the Pennsylvania Superior Court dealt with historical cell-site location information (CSLI) and Carpenter v. United States. Law enforcement initially obtained CSLI data with orders secured under

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