In re Mann

This case presented the New Jersey Appellate Division with a dispute over a trust account. One trustee resigned his position after learning he had several judgments against him. But after he grew frustrated with the remaining trustees’ stewardship, he filed a verified complaint trying to undue his resignation. The trial court and the Appellate Division … Read more

Biros v. U Lock Inc.

In Biros v. U Lock Inc., the Pennsylvania Superior Court found that the record supported the following conclusions: 1) Appellee paid for a property on behalf of Appellant; 2) Appellee expected repayment from Appellant; 3) Appellant never repaid Appellee; 4) Appellee had no adequate remedy at law because Appellant lacked resources, other than the property, … Read more

In re Passarelli Family Trust

Three cheers for Justice Donohue! Clearly, she has heard of this newsletter and wants to make our lives easier. The Justice perfectly summarized the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s holding from In re Passarelli Family Trust in the opinion’s first paragraph, making life oh so much easier for yours truly. Justice Donahue wrote that the Supreme Court was … Read more

In re Trust of Ashton

A beneficiary of a trust under the will of Augustus Ashton was entitled to a fixed sum each year. Other beneficiaries, such as the University of Pennsylvania, were entitled to far larger and variable sums under the same trust. The trustee filed interim accounts for about 35 years of administration of the trust and the … Read more