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Rice v. Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown

Rice alleged Reverend Bodziak of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown sexually abused her from approximately 1974 through 1981. She did not sue until June 2016, thirty-five years after the alleged abuse

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Diaz v. Reynoso

This interlocutory appeal resulted from a dismissal order and raised novel issues of legal duty and tort liability in a drunk driving context. The issues concerned whether a volunteer who

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Adams v. Rising Sun Med. Ctr.

In Adams v. Rising Sun Med. Ctr., the Superior Court dealt with cross appeals from a wrongful death and survival jury trial.  The administratrix of the decedent’s estate wanted to

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Graham v. Check

In Graham v. Check, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did its best to settle the question of what evidence must be presented at trial to merit a “sudden emergency” jury instruction. 

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Sun Chem. Corp. v. Fike Corp.

After receiving an answer to its certified question from the New Jersey Supreme Court, the 3rd Circuit ruled in Sun Chem. Corp. v. Fike Corp. The Court had to determine

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S.H. v. K & H Transport

S.H. v. K & H Transport involved a 17-year-old special-needs student at the time of the events at issue. S.H. sued the bus company that transported her to and from

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McNellis-Wallace v. Hoffman

The Appellate Division ruled in McNellis-Wallace v. Hoffman that a malpractice attorney could not sustain a claim against successor attorneys for contribution and indemnification where the original attorney negligently failed

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