Dobransky v. EQT Production

In Dobransky v. EQT Production, the Superior Court ruled that a person who merely drives a truck to deliver a single raw material to a well site is not a person whose work consists of “the removal, excavation, or drilling of soil, rock, or minerals” within Section 302(a) of the Workers’ Compensation Act.

McNellis-Wallace v. Hoffman

The Appellate Division ruled in McNellis-Wallace v. Hoffman that a malpractice attorney could not sustain a claim against successor attorneys for contribution and indemnification where the original attorney negligently failed to serve proper 90-day notice against a public employee under the state’s Tort’s Claim Act.

Albert v. Sheeley’s Drug Store

In Albert v. Sheeley’s Drug Store, a wrongful death action and survival claim, the decedent overdosed on Fentanyl that he and a friend obtained from a drug store with a prescription for the friend’s mom. The Superior Court joined numerous other jurisdictions in ruling that, pursuant to the in pari delicto doctrine, summary judgment for the … Read more

Friedman v. Martinez

The NJ Supreme Court tackled the tort of “intrusion upon seclusion” in this case where a janitor installed hidden cameras in various women’s bathrooms and locker rooms in a building he serviced. Sixty women, who worked in the building, filed suit for damages. And about half of those plaintiffs were able to identify themselves in … Read more

Underhill v. Borough of Caldwell

Plaintiff slipped and fell on black ice in a parking lot owned by private entities and leased in its entirety to the Borough of Caldwell. The lease stated that maintenance of the property — including snow and ice removal — was the sole responsibility of the borough. Applying the New Jersey Supreme Court’s recent holding … Read more