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Doe v. Princeton Univ.

Two Princeton students were in a relationship so toxic that it had to be settled in the Third Circuit. Doe, a male, and Roe, a female, dated while they were

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Hall v. Millersville Univ.

The plaintiffs sued their daughter’s college under Title IX after the daughter’s boyfriend murdered her in her dorm room. The college maintained a Title IX Policy, which defined sexual misconduct

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M.S. v. Susquehana Twp. Sch. Dist.

In M.S. v. Susquehana Twp. Sch. Dist., a private action under Title IX, the plaintiff sought damages for injuries suffered as a result of harassment from her assailant principal. In order to sustain

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Doe v. University of the Sciences

University of the Sciences expelled a student after the school determined that he violated the code of conduct by engaging in two sexual assaults. The student was unsuccessful in appealing

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