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White v. Pa. Parole Bd.

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court affirmed the Pennsylvania Parole Board (Board) order, determining that the Board relied upon admissible evidence when properly recommitting White as a convicted parole violator (CPV), and

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El-Amin v. Pa. Parole Bd

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court affirmed the Parole Board’s order denying a petition for time credit. When he was paroled from state prison, the petitioner was required to stay at the

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Commonwealth v. Fuentes

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s convictions but remanded because the trial court did not credit him for pretrial confinement. A jury convicted the defendant of committing sex crimes

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State v. Njango

The New Jersey Supreme Court addressed the issue of time credit where a defendant served time in custody beyond his release date. Njango served a lengthy NERA sentence with a

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