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Loftus v. Decker

The Pennsylvania Superior Court quashed an appeal from a workers’ compensation insurer trying to intervene in an action commenced by praecipe for writ of summons. The Court held that the

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Kamp v. Green Acres Contracting Co.

An en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court affirmed the order, which denied Claimant’s petition seeking to limit the subrogation interest of Green Acres Contracting Co. (“Employer”) under Section

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In re LTC Holdings, Inc.

The Department of Defense awarded a general contracting firm the contract to construct the National Police Command Center in Afghanistan. As is typically required in government contracts, the general contractor

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Asbury Park v. Star Ins. Co.

In Asbury Park v. Star Ins. Co., a firefighter was justly compensated for his work-related injuries, but the workers’ comp payout caused a fight between Asbury Park and its insurance

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NJ Transit Corp. v. Sanchez

NJ Transit paid out a workers’ comp claim to one of its employees who was rear-ended. NJ Transit then sought to recoup the benefits from the at-fault driver’s employer, as

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