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Turner v. Estate of Baird

Two neighbors fought over an abandoned roadway between their properties. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania vacated the lower court’s ruling and held it lacked subject matter jurisdiction because the township

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United States v. Vastardis

The Third Circuit returned to the high seas when it held that, though the defendant could not be convicted in a U.S. Court for crimes occurring in international water, the

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Cole v. Pa. Dep’t Envtl. Prot.

Petitioners appealed the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) decision to approve a plan to construct a natural gas compressor station. The Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing dismissed the appeal, concluding that it

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Kinney v. Lacey

In Kinney v. Lacey, the plaintiffs, all of whom owned lots surrounding a lake, filed an action in equity against 31 lot owners, alleging that they had violated deed restrictions

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Gentile v. S.E.C.

The 3rd Circuit held in Gentile v. S.E.C. that the Administrative Procedure Act did not waive sovereign immunity to an administrative agency’s decision to investigate. 

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