Goldenhagen v. Pasmowitz

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that there is no assumption-of-the-risk exception to the strict liability imposed on dog owners by the Dog Bite Statute. The plaintiff was an employee of a kennel where the defendant boarded her dog while on vacation. During the dog’s stay, he bit the plaintiff. The Law Division and Appellate … Read more

Gregg v. Ameriprise Fin., Inc.

In Gregg v. Ameriprise Fin., Inc, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the catch-all provision in the Commonwealth’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law is a strict liability offense. As a result, a plaintiff must prove only that the defendant “engage[d] in conduct that has the potential to deceive and which creates a likelihood … Read more

Whelan v. Armstrong Int’l

The New Jersey Supreme Court held that manufacturers and distributors can be found strictly liable for harm caused by asbestos-containing products that include third-party replacement components, provided that the plaintiff can show:  (1) the manufacturers or distributors incorporated asbestos-containing components in their original products;  (2) the asbestos-containing components were integral to the product and necessary … Read more