Office of General Counsel v. Bumsted

In 2019, Requesters filed a Right to Know Law (RTKL) request with the Office of General Counsel (OGC), seeking any “applications submitted to OGC for one vacancy on the Commonwealth Court”. OGC denied the request, and Requesters appealed to the Office of Open Records (OOR), which granted the appeal, in part, and denied it, in … Read more

Cease v. Hous. Auth. of Indiana Co.

In 2017, Cease applied for Section 8 housing, disclosing that she used medical marijuana and including a copy of her Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Identification Card. The Indiana Co. Housing Authority (“Authority”) denied her application because the federal government considers marijuana to be an illegal substance. She appealed, and the trial court affirmed the Authority. She … Read more

Marshall v. East Bradford Twp. Bd. of Supervisors

In Marshall v. East Bradford Twp. Bd. of Supervisors, the plaintiff landowners appealed the order of the trial court that denied their conditional use application for a bed and breakfast (B&B). The order affirmed the Board of Supervisors of East Bradford Township (“Supervisors”) that the proposal to use a barn for special events at the … Read more

Nicole B. v. School Dist. of Philadelphia

In Nicole B. v. School Dist. of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission’s equitable tolling provision applied to a minor whose parent failed to satisfy the applicable statute of limitations for filing an administrative complaint prior to the minor reaching the age of majority.