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Commonwealth v. Williams

The Pennsylvania Superior Court vacated the defendant’s convictions for sexually assaulting a minor because the trial court erroneously permitted a staff member from the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA) to testify

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Commonwealth v. Renninger

An en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled against the defendant in his challenges to his convictions for sexual abuse of two minors. But the Court vacated his

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W.S. v. Hildreth

Once again, the New Jersey Appellate Division grappled with an untimely notice of claim under the Tort Claims Act. The plaintiff sued his former teacher and the school district that

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Pa. Dep’t of Corr. v. Faison

A Workers’ Compensation Judge was placed in the unusual position of having to make a factual determination as to whether a corrections officer raped another corrections officer in the prison’s break

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State v. Ramirez

The New Jersey Appellate Division reversed an order from the Law Division that granted in part the State’s motion to redact the victim’s address from discovery. Defense counsel sought to

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State v. C.W.H.

In State v. C.W.H., the New Jersey Appellate Division confronted a problematic trial in which the defendant was convicted of sexually assaulting his young daughter decades after the alleged crimes.

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United States v. Davis

In United States v. Davis, the defendant answered an ad on Craigslist.com looking for casual sex. Unfortunately, the “wild child” he responded to was actually a police officer engaged in

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Commonwealth v. Duncan

In 1994, the defendant entered a guilty plea to kidnapping a minor and has long since served his sentence. In 2019, he filed a coram nobis petition challenging his sex

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Commonwealth v. Lacombe

In a stunning turn of events, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Commonwealth v. Lacombe ruled that Subchapter I of SORNA is nonpunitive and, thus, applying it to individuals, who committed

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State v. Fortin

The defendant was convicted of homicide and sexual assault charges in 2000, was awarded a new trial, and in 2007 again convicted of the charges. In 2018, with the Innocence

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