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Facebook, Inc. v. New Jersey

The New Jersey Appellate Division confronted an issue of first impression: Whether communication data warrants (CDWs) or, conversely, wiretap orders had to be served on Facebook for law enforcement officers

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State v. Desir

In State v. Desir, the New Jersey Supreme Court reviewed an order from the Law Division denying a criminal defendant’s motion to compel discovery. The defendant sought the discovery to

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Commonwealth v. Price

In Commonwealth v. Price, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed a trial court’s order that suppressed evidence recovered during a search of the defendant’s cell phone. The Commonwealth sought and was

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Commonwealth v. Johnson

In Commonwealth v. Johnson, a plurality of justices signed onto an opinion announcing the judgment of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, holding that law enforcement failed to establish probable cause to

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State v. Radel

In State v. Radel, the Appellate Division confronted the question, “Did they really think they were allowed to do that?” Police received a forfeiture order directing them to seize a

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