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Commonwealth v. Carl

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed an order from the Court of Common Pleas that granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss the charges based on the Commonwealth’s violation of Rule 600(c). The

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Commonwealth v. Herring

The Pennsylvania Superior Court addressed Rule 600 for the first time since the Supreme Court issued its decision in Commonwealth v. Harth. The Superior Court affirmed the lower court’s denial

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Commonwealth v. Talley

In a sixty-five page opinion, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court clarified the prosecution’s burden when the Commonwealth seeks to deprive the accused of their right to bail. Also, the Court ruled

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Commonwealth v. Harth

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a critical ruling for criminal defendants when it held “that a trial court may invoke ‘judicial delay’ to deny a defendant’s Rule 600 motion to

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Commonwealth v. Wiggins

In Commonwealth v. Wiggins, the Pennsylvania Superior Court rejected the defendant’s claim that he received ineffective assistance because trial counsel did not file a motion to dismiss pursuant to Rule

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Commonwealth v. Morgan

In Commonwealth v. Morgan, the Superior Court ruled that the trial court abused its discretion when the court denied Morgan’s Rule 600(A) motion because the Commonwealth did not exercise due

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