Nelson v. Elizabeth Bd. of Educ.

Nelson v. Elizabeth Bd. of Educ. was an appeal from a trial for breach-of-contract between a school board and its former in-house counsel. The Appellate Division questioned whether the Rules of Professional Conduct prohibited in-house counsel from bringing a breach of contract suit against his employer. The parties had entered into a three-year employment contract, … Read more

Delaney v. Dickey

In Delaney v. Dickey, the New Jersey Supreme Court was asked to determine whether a mandatory arbitration provision in a lawyer’s retainer agreement violates the Rules of Professional Conduct. The Court held that such an arbitration provision does not violate the RPC. But the Court held that the attorney has an obligation to discuss that … Read more

United States v. Bellille

Defense counsel filed this interlocutory appeal based on the District Court’s denial of his motion to withdraw. Counsel was appointed pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). He moved to withdraw because he joined a firm as “of counsel” and the primary attorney at that firm represented a cooperating witness in the same action. The … Read more