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Commonwealth v. Wright

The Pennsylvania Superior Court vacated the defendant’s sentence for simple assault because the lower court erred in awarding restitution to The Phia Group, a recovery and reimbursement subrogation vendor. The

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Commonwealth v. Farkas

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s conviction of Medicaid Fraud—Submission of False Information. The defendant received money from Medicaid for caring for her elderly father. But she had other

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Commonwealth v. McCabe

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court untangled a messy knot involving ARD, problem-solving courts, restitution, and probation. The defendant was admitted into Veterans Treatment Court (“VTC”), a problem-solving court created by the

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Clark v. Peugh

The Pennsylvania Superior Court heard an appeal taken after the Court of Common Pleas granted the defendant’s preliminary objections, thereby dismissing the action. The plaintiff and defendant got into a

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Commonwealth v. Solomon

In Commonwealth v. Solomon, an en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the Court of Common Pleas did not commit an error of law or abuse its

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Commonwealth v. Cochran

In Commonwealth v. Cochran, at the beginning of his plea hearing, Cochran disputed whether he was responsible for the total restitution amount. Defense counsel requested a hearing to determine the

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State v. Lora

In State v. Lora, the defendant led police on a high-speed chase after he stole a car from a dealership. The chase ended when police got in front of the

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Commonwealth v. Weir

If you work in criminal defense, read Commonwealth v. Weir. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that a challenge to the sentencing court’s order setting the amount of restitution implicates the court’s discretion

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Commonwealth v. LeClair

In Commonwealth v. LeClair, the Superior Court affirmed the defendant’s murder conviction but vacated the judgment of sentence because the U.S. Coast Guard does not qualify as a “victim” for

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