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Khalil v. Travelers Indem. Co. of Amer.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that the doctrine of res judicata barred the plaintiff’s claims. Appellant sought monetary damages against Appellees, including Travelers, Pier 3, Wentworth, and the attorneys who

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Beasley v. Howard

While not on the scale of Tupac vs. Biggie, this case involved a dispute amongst musicians. David Beasley and William Howard are embroiled in a long-running dispute over the rights

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Khalil v. Cole

In Khalil v. Cole, the PA Superior Court held that shifting the names of an underlying legal doctrine from lis pendens to res judicata in Preliminary Objections was proper, that the operative

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Heart Care Consultants v. Albataineh

In Heart Care Consultants v. Albataineh, the Superior Court rejected the plaintiffs’ arguments about the applicability of the law of the case doctrine, ruling that the plaintiffs’ claims were barred

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Hay Grp. v. Schneider

In Hay Grp. v. Schneider, the Third Circuit held that the District Court erred in granting summary judgment on the basis that Hay was precluded by German law from bringing

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In re Estate of Wagner

Upon reaching the age of majority, the appellant and a guardian filed a joint petition to discharge the guardian’s stewardship of the appellant’s estate, which included nearly $1 million from

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