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Calisto v. Rodgers

An en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that Seller’s use of his deceased mother’s name as an alias to sign three deeds satisfied the signature requirement of

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Hughes v. UGI Storage Co.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court interpreted the Eminent Domain Code in these consolidated appeals. The Court held “that a public or quasi-public entity need not possess a property-specific power of eminent

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Kinney v. Lacey

In Kinney v. Lacey, the plaintiffs, all of whom owned lots surrounding a lake, filed an action in equity against 31 lot owners, alleging that they had violated deed restrictions

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Grove v. Lutz

Grove v. Lutz involved Seller’s attempt to extend a lease, and collect the lease payments, on a property after Seller had sold the property to Buyers. In 2015, twelve years

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Kuhstoss v. Steele

Kuhstoss sued the Steeles after the Steeles consistently used a road on Kuhstoss’s property to access the Steeles’ property. The Steeles filed an answer arguing they were entitled to a

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