Kuhstoss v. Steele

Kuhstoss sued the Steeles after the Steeles consistently used a road on Kuhstoss’s property to access the Steeles’ property. The Steeles filed an answer arguing they were entitled to a prescriptive easement over the property. The trial court granted the Steeles’ Motion for Injunctive Relief, prohibiting Kuhstoss from infringing on the Steeles’ use of the … Read more

Township of Manalapan v. Gentile

After a jury trial, the Township of Manalapan appealed the condemnation award in favor of defendants. The issue on appeal was whether it was error for the trial court to admit testimony that the condemned property’s highest and best use would require a variance without first determining whether there is a reasonable probability the variance … Read more

Wilson v. Snyder Bros.

In this dispute about rights to drill for natural resources, the Wilsons sued Snyder Brothers and others, alleging the invalidity of leases between the parties, breach of contract, trespass, and conversion. The trial court sustained the defendants’ preliminary objections. The Superior Court affirmed.