Laskaris v. Hice

Laskaris v. Hice was a case of prisoner litigation. Such matters often do not end in the inmate’s favor. Here, in 2011, Laskaris received a Misconduct. After he was found guilty at the Misconduct hearing, Laskaris timely filed an appeal to the Program Review Committee. In 2014, when his grievance appeals were exhausted, Laskaris filed … Read more

Johnson v. Wetzel

In Johnson v. Wetzel, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that its holding in Bundy v. Wetzel, applies to inmates whose prison inmate accounts were subject to Act 84 deductions without the benefit of the safeguards enunciated in Bundy. Thus, due process required that the Department of Corrections, in response to an administrative grievance which accurately recites that … Read more

Mack v. Yost

In Mack v. Yost, citing the U.S. Supreme Court case of Ziglar v. Abbasi, the Third Circuit declined to extend a Bivens remedy for Mack’s First Amendment retaliation claims, which were brought in the context of prison workplace assignment. 

Williams v. Wetzel

Williams, an inmate in state prison, alleged that his rights were violated when he was fired from his job in the prison’s kitchen. He was fired after an officer discovered several pounds of sugar concealed in Williams’s boots. The Commonwealth Court granted summary declaratory and injunctive relief in favor of Williams. The PA Supreme Court … Read more

Hardy v. Shaikh

Between December 27, 2017, and March 30, 2018, Hardy filed no less than twelve grievances seeking medical care for the worsening condition of his leg, all of which were rejected on varying grounds. A few months after the last rejection, Hardy’s fears came to pass and medical staff determined it was necessary to amputate a … Read more