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Rokita v. Pa. Dep’t of Corr.

An en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that Petitioner could establish that he was denied the benefit of a health service by a public entity, by reason

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Dongarra v. Smith

The Third Circuit affirmed the District Court’s order dismissing a prisoner’s civil suit after the prison forced him to wear a shirt that erroneously labeled him a sex offender. The

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Hill v. Pa. Dept. of Corr.

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court dealt in its original jurisdiction with Smart Communications’ preliminary objection in this prisoner litigation. Smart Communications is a private contractor hired by the Department of Communications

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May v. Doe

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court quashed a pro se appeal from the trial court’s order sustaining the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ (DOC) Preliminary Objections. May filed a grievance with the DOC,

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Sherwood v. Pa. Dept. of Corr.

Sherwood challenged the deductions from his inmate account for alleged outstanding fines, costs, fees, and restitution on the basis that the deductions were contrary to the various sentencing court orders

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Gayle v. Warden Monmouth Co. Corr. Inst.

The Third Circuit considered the process afforded noncitizens under 8 U.S.C. § 1226. That statute compels the Government to detain noncitizens who are removable because they committed certain specified offenses

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Shorter v. United States

The Bureau of Prisons housed the inmate-plaintiff in a single cell with eleven other men. The plaintiff was a transgender woman. She was screened for her risk for sexual assault,

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Jacobs v. Cumberland Co.

The Third Circuit affirmed the District Court’s denial of summary judgment in a case where corrections officers “gratuitously beat” a pretrial detainee. Jacobs got into a fight with another inmate

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Feliciano v. PA Dep’t of Corr.

In Feliciano v. PA Dep’t of Corr., the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court reset the standard by which the court can act in its original jurisdiction to potentially redress an alleged constitutional

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Laskaris v. Hice

Laskaris v. Hice was a case of prisoner litigation. Such matters often do not end in the inmate’s favor. Here, in 2011, Laskaris received a Misconduct. After he was found

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