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Log Cabin Property, LP v. PA LCB

In the Pennsylvania Commonwealth’s Court’s second case of the week based on MFW Wine Co., LLC v. Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, 231 A.3d 50 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2020) (MFW I), the

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Adams v. Mt. Lebanon Operations

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the order overruling Mt. Lebanon Operations’ preliminary objections requesting a transfer to binding arbitration of wrongful death and survival claims. Mt. Lebanon argued that an arbitration provision was valid

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Rokita v. Pa. Dep’t of Corr.

An en banc panel of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that Petitioner could establish that he was denied the benefit of a health service by a public entity, by reason

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Bellan v. Penn Presbyterian Med. Ctr.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s order, which dismissed the plaintiff’s complaint with prejudice. The plaintiff sued Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (“PPMC”) to recover damages for injuries he

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DiNardo v. Kohler

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the trial court and ordered the dismissal of the plaintiff’s complaint. A murderer’s mother, acting as the murderer’s power of attorney, alleged that several medical

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Alatrista v. Diamond Club

The Pennsylvania Superior Court held that an unverified complaint is sufficient to satisfy the statute of limitations. The plaintiffs sued after an incident at a strip club, alleging assault and

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Van Divner v. Sweger

Van Divner sued Sweger and Progressive Insurance Co. after a car accident. The trial court granted Progressive’s preliminary objections and transferred venue per its interpretation of the forum selection clause

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