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Commonwealth v. Grooms

In Commonwealth v. Grooms, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reviewed an order from the trial court denying the defendant’s motion to suppress drugs found in his car after a warrantless search.

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Commonwealth v. Shaw

In Commonwealth v. Shaw, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed the trial court’s order denying the defendant’s motion to suppress evidence found in his car during a traffic stop. After stopping

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Commonwealth v. Alexander

Commonwealth v. Alexander is a significant decision that will impact the litigation of motions to suppress for the coming years. In Alexander, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overruled Commonwealth v. Gary,

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Commonwealth v. Barr

In Commonwealth v. Barr, the Superior Court recognized the changing marijuana laws’ effect on a police officer’s probable cause determination. After he was pulled over by the police, officers smelled

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Commonwealth v. Richard

The Superior Court reversed the trial court’s suppression order in Commonwealth v. Richard. The Court ruled that that the totality of the circumstances presented—marijuana discovered on Richard’s person, his visible nervousness

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